The Changes Sessions Vol.1: El Dia del Gruny.
Is now available on all streaming platforms

Oriol Vallès - Trumpet

Irene Reig – Alt Sax

Lluc Casares - Tenor Sax

Giuseppe Campisi - Bass

Joan Casares - Drums

"The law states that The Growl Day is when people can't communicate with common words, comprehended within standard linguistic regulations. Instead, we have to use all kinds of imaginable noises in order to achieve a fluid and spontaneous dialogue.

The Growl Day doesn't have a fixed date, nor is it the same for all citizens. At any given time, an individual can be warned about and assigned to their Growl Day through the Administration Services. This can happen in the middle of a work meeting, while doing the groceries or during a family meal. In this particular case, The Changes members got their notification in the middle of a recording session in Marc Ribera's Magneti Studio, in Terrassa.

The object of the session was a collaboration between members of the record label; a project of creative sharing where each one of them would bring their own pieces and arrangements. This time, Oriol Vallès, Irene Reig, Lluc Casares and Joan Casares recorded 8 pieces in a July morning, with Giuseppe Campisi joining them on double bass. The result is remarkably positive, and a promising sign that there'll be similar projects in the future.

The cover art, with illustrations by Joan Casares, has the intention of putting the audience in the proper sonic and linguistic context for listening to this music. Far away from imposing a programmatic scheme, it gives the spark necessary to light up the most primitive imagination in the listener. As children coloring between the lines, we invite you to put a growl to every note we played."

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