Giuseppe Campisi: Un Imprevisto È la Sola Speranza
Is now available on all streaming platforms

Giuseppe Campisi - Bass, compositions and arrangements

Oriol Vallès - Trumpet

Joan Mar Sauqué - Trumpet

Irene Reig - Alto sax and clarinet

Lluc Casares - Tenor Sax, Clarinet and Flute

Héctor Floría - Tenor Sax

Rita Payés - Trombone and Vocals

Toni Saigi - Piano

Joan Casares - Drums

"I met Giuseppe because of some concerts with the usual suspects of The Changes: Joan Casares, Oriol Vallès, Irene Reig, ... I remember Lluc Casares telling me: "You will like him." And, indeed, we understood each other right away.
Giuseppe brings together many of the qualities that I value the most in a double bass player: good timing, good sound, good intonation, imaginative but at the same time solid lines, which do not distort the essence of harmony... And, a plus, he’s a good soloist. What I couldn’t imagine after that first concert together and those that came after was that, apart from being a great instrumentalist, he was such a good composer.
The album you have in your hands presents some original compositions by Giuseppe, combined with other wisely chosen themes. The arrangements show impeccable workmanship, highlighting the colors of the different instruments, both individually and in the textures that appear as a result of their combinations. And they leave room for the soloists to shine, talented musicians who bring to life the notes that this Sicilian double bassist imagined thinking of them.
All in all, this is an album that makes me jealous of not having recorded it myself, but at the same time it made me really enjoy listening to it. Enjoy it too."
Joan Monné

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