Fernando Brox Sexteto: Factor Humano
Is now available on all streaming platforms

Fernando Brox- Flute & Compositions

Enrique Oliver – Tenor Sax

Julián Sánchez - Trumpet

Toni Vaquer - Piano

Bori Albero - Upright Bass

Juanma Nieto - Drums

New project of old friends and partners who have shared tablas, music and good moments on more than one occasion. For this time, Fernando Brox brings together some of the musicians that have influenced him in all aspects. They first introduced him in the world of Jazz some years ago. Without any doubt, they have showed him a vital course and a way (and a lot of them at once) of understanding music and life. As an excuse for getting this great personnel together, Fernando has come up with an original repertoire during the last year that reflects his most recent musical research.

“In a nutshell, this music works as a vehicle to acknowledge all that I've learnt from these great people and also to celebrate what I consider the most important thing when speaking about the musical phenomenon: to share and come together with the others and with ourselves, all from our common nature.

This project is for all people from all ages. The main objective, besides making a quality record and offering a live musical experience, is to put the spotlight on the high level of the Jazz we have in our country and to claim a more active presence of the local musicians in the Jazz festivals.”

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