Casares Brothers

Lluc and Joan Casares, the Casares Brothers, not only share a biological affinity, but musical as well. As long as their memories go, they’ve played together: sharing tastes, discoveries and challenges. As children, they started to play even before their dad even noticed it. By bringing them to his own concerts, Pau Casares never imagined they would end up being musicians, until their mum was the one that noticed the growing interest in both of them. With time, this game started being funnier and funnier until they started organizing their own bands and concerts in 2007.

Since then they’ve never stopped playing together in a great variety of formations. Their favorite is the trio, in which situation they’ve always had to welcome a new sibling: Horacio Fumero, Pau Lligadas, Manel Fortià, Pau Sala, Giuseppe Romagnoli, Kimon Karoutzos… The last on this list is the Sicilian Giuseppe Campisi, who lives in Barcelona since very few months ago. With this union, the Casares Brothers have been playing a repertoire that consists either in original tunes, compositions from other musicians and hard core classics from the songbook.

The trio has played on hundreds of occasions, some of them remarkable as their participation on the Keep An Eye Jazz International Competition finals, in which they got the 2nd prize. Or their concert as guests in the Siena Jazz Workshop in the summer of 2017, with their mentor from the Netherlands, the saxophonist Jasper Blom.

In 2019 they start a new project: “Casares Brothers plays PIANO”. The idea, a bit surprising, is to play the music of their favorite piano players. They premiere the repertoire of Duke Ellington, Bud Powell and Cedar Walton at the Nova Jazz Cava of Terrassa with the highly featured American pianist Davis Whitfield.

It’s from the success of this concert that they develop the idea of having regular collaborations with top class pianists to expand this seasoned Casares Brothers Trio. Besides from Whitfield, the next pianist to take this spot is Joe Webb, from Whales. They get to play together in a musical exchange in London this last November. The connection, manifest from the very first notes, is taken to Barcelona in the next months, where they have been preparing their first recording, based on the musical universe of the great American composer, Duke Ellington.