Casares Brothers trio + Joe Webb: The music of Duke Ellington.
Is now available on all streaming platforms

Lluc Casares - Tenor Saxophone

Joe Webb - Piano

Giuseppe Campisi - Bass

Joan Casares - Drums

"Joe Webb is an amazing piano player and a very enthusiastic human being. After inviting us to play in London, it was our time to bring him over to Barcelona, one of his favorite places in the world. We completed the group with our adopted Casares brother, the bassist Giuseppe Campisi. Soon we found out the venues to play, since everyone dug the idea. Nonetheless, we wanted to save one day to record the music. In the end we didn't have no free days, so we squeezed an early morning session at Vertigo Studios with sound engineer Ferran Donatelli. What you can hear next is the entire result of that session. Four pieces came out, plus a fifth one that was recorded that very same evening during the show at 23 Robadors in Barcelona."

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